About MAT

Mdular Assembly Technology Co., Ltd. (M.A.T.) offers world class aluminium strut profile and accessories. Based  on the Aluminum Profiles and Accessories, we also provide conveyors, workstations, machine guards, stairs and platforms.  
Recently we have also 
developed the Tubular Framing System which is an essential tool of logistics integration.  With those standard products,  MAT enables a simples, quick assembly and guarantees highest stability.  MAT, the top supplier in China, is ready to serve the worldwide market.   

With MAT standard products, we could assemble industrial frame structures like work station, conveyor, machine enclosure, robotic frame, exhibition stands and so on. The common grounds of those structures are:

  • Reliable--------Aluminum alloy strut profile and accessories for frame construction.
  • Simple----------Modular assembly, easy to combine and remove.
  • Economical----Made in China, lower cost.
  • Efficient---------As conveyor support, as factory funiture, as machine base,as partitions etc.
  • Flexible---------Wide range of products, make your imaginary structure comes true.

Technology consultant

We have a very professional team are waitting to serve you, professional、experience and passion to serve you.  

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